From ideas to maintenance

Your partner in business development

Our approach is effective and agile. We don’t march an army of consultants and planners to flood your management team with latest tech talk or heavy service design processes. We solve your business problems together with you and come up with user focused digital solutions be it a functional website, mobile app, chatbot or machine learning solution.

UX / UI Design

We help you to design an award winning service. Bring your idea and we help you to design it to perfection.

Our approach to design is the user centric, we take into account the user perspective in everything, but fullfill the business goal of our customer at the same time.

Design doesn’t stop at launching the service. It’s crucial to listen to the users and take their feedback seriously to further develop the service and make it even better.


Mobile Development

We have extensive experience in developing both B to C and B to B mobile applications.We have delivered more than 500 mobile applications many of which have big audiences.

The most suitable implementation technique is chosen based on the application use case and requirements at hand.

Application maintenance is important part of the lifecycle of a mobile application and we are dedicated to take responsibility of all the apps we make for the benefit of our customers.

Web Development

We have developed web services for over 15 years and have an excellent track record in producing high quality functional web services.

The business goals our our clients are paramount in all web services we produce and come before the technologies chosen to make them possible. We prefer straightforward communication and don’t hide behind technology jargon.

The most important thing related to web technologies is reliability, openness and maintenance over time. We master most commonly used open source technologies and frameworks. We help you to choose the most suitable technical solution for your use case.

Backend Systems

Backend system is an integral part of any functional web service or mobile application. We have long experience in design, development and maintenance of high availability backend systems.

We use widely used open source technologies to develop the backend needed by the service. In most cases a REST API is developed and carefully documented for further development. This makes sure that future development is not dependent on the original vendor.

We use containers (Docker) in several backends we have developed. The maintenance of the backend is simplified by using containers and scaling is fast and easy. In combination with continous integration (CI) and test automation, containers offer a modern way for the maintenance of the service.


AWS / Azure

We have been using Amazon AWS cloud environment since 2008, when we implemented NBC Universal´s mobile services for Bejing Olympics. The nature of the usage of the NBC Olympics was very cyclical, making scalable cloud environment a perfect solution.

We provide cloud services for both Amazon AWS as well as Microsoft Azure.

The cloud services we offer are: 1) Consulting companies in moving to the Clud, 2) Cloud migration, 3) Application / service development and modernization and 4) Cloud Operations and support.

In addition to high availability and cost efficiency, we place great emphasis on the security of our cloud services. Leading Finnish cyber security professionals have found services created by us safe.


We provide support and maintenance for the web services and mobile applications. We commit to the SLA level that is needed from the customer’s business perspective. In addition, we take care of updates and make sure there are no service interruptions for any reason.

Support & maintenance is tailored according to the customer’s needs.

We monitor the performance and potential crashes of the services, and maintain them preventively.