We help you to navigate in the changing business landscape

Starcut is your partner with a practical approach. We don’t march an army of consultants and planners to flood your management team with latest tech talk or heavy service design processes. We use highly effective and practical approach to solve your business problems together with you and come up with user focused digital solutions be it a functional website, mobile app, chatbot or machine learning solution or all of them.

We don’t leave you alone once the service is launched, on the contrary, then real life learning begins. In addition to continuous improvement of the service, we make sure you service runs securely, cost-efficiently and with high availability in the cloud.

We are flexible and fast. For example we created Tamro Link Hospital, a web service that manages specially priced drugs for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies with value based pricing in 6 months from an idea to service rollout. Tamro was amazed as they have used to developing this kind of services takes usually years.

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