Mobile Apps

Hundreds of projects, millions of downloads, a wide range of pre-installed mobile apps. Our user-oriented operational models allow us to create the best mobile services for the right target groups.



We help you to navigate in the digital revolution and to find service concepts and applications that add value to your business and customers.

The needs of your target group are the base of the design. It is important to first define the most important use cases and design the user interface to implement them as well as possible. Different functionalities and links to other services are depicted with wire frames.

If necessary, we will first make a prototype that can be tested with the selected target group. Based on the feedback, the actual product will be created.

The mobile applications are designed according to the characteristics of the platforms, in order for them to feel logical for the user, and to operate in a way that is similar to other apps in the platform.

The visual design is made based on the customer’s graphic guidelines, branding and wishes. Great visual design makes the app easy-to-use, improves user experience and gets users returning to the service.



We make mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. We usually build native apps with platforms’ own software tools, ensuring maximum usability and unhindered further development of the mobile apps. In some cases, HTML5, or a hybrid of native and HTML5, may be the most effective method of implementation.

We supply everything from start to finish or, alternatively, with in-sourcing model, where you have the responsibility for the project management and we supply the necessary talent for the time necessary. We can implement the mobile application also based on your own plan, and take care of mobile development, testing, publication and maintenance.

In-sourcing model gives you access to our company’s entire know-how and the experience of our development team.

We work on the mobile application project in close cooperation with you, using agile methods. The project is divided into sprints, which are defined in sprint meetings and backlog. The lean operation model guarantees visible results quickly and efficiently, and you stay on top of the progress in almost real time.

The most important features are implemented first so that the main use cases can be tested as early as possible and unnecessary work is minimized. Client prioritizes the features to be implemented, and if necessary, makes rapid changes and decisions, for the project to be completed within the time schedule.

Starcut is responsible for ensuring that the applications are in line with the Terms and Conditions of app stores both conceptually and with technical details.



We publish the mobile apps in app stores on your behalf. We help you to create the marketing materials to app stores, so that the applications appear as attractive as possible in the app stores.

We make sure that the mobile applications will work properly, and maintain the apps, if agreed.



It makes sense to build your own back end system in which the application is connected. That way mobile users do not strain your company’s own systems and also security is improved.

We have extensive experience in developing and maintaining back end systems for mobile apps. We use open source software to implement the back end systems needed in our projects. In addition, the back end system and its interfaces are documented carefully. This prevents the so-called vendor lock situation, because the customer is not dependent on the system developer.

The back end system fetches only necessary information from company’s and/or third party’s systems, and exports only data that is critical to the application’s functionalities. Communication between the systems is protected so that the data can’t be accessed by outsiders.

We use Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud environments to run the systems cost-efficiently and reliably. We have extensive experience in the maintenance of scalable systems, and offer 24/7 monitoring service if needed. The accessibility of the services hosted by us is approximately 99.98% monthly.



With our StarFlight push notification platform you can quickly and easily send push notifications to any app. It’s easy to start using StarFlight in a new app, and it can be easily integrated into any existing native app. StarFlight functions on the iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. StarFlight is highly cost-efficient solution and scales automatically in Amazon AWS Cloud.

You can create push notifications either in StarFlight’s own browser-based user interface, or StarFlight can be easily integrated into other user interfaces with the Rest API interface.

StarFlight has an advanced reporting tool, which offers you detailed reports about you message traffic. StarFlight is used, for example, by Iltalehti and Kauppalehti, which send more than one hundred million push notifications per month.